Applications and games

I put the “fun” in “an understanding of science is fundamentally important to function as a responsible citizen in today’s world.” The word “fun” is in there twice because I put in twice as much fun as average.*

*not clinically validated


Someone stole your organs and you have to learn about them to get them back. Science is fun.

Beet Blox VR

What is a beetle's life cycle like, and what do beetles eat? Also, how would all of this play out in a virtual reality world where everything is built out of rectangular beetle-shaped bricks? This game has literally nothing to do with beat boxing, but I promise it's still fun.


A cute little robot teaches you a valuable lesson about antibiotic resistance. Now with 8-bit music! Created in collaboration with Angela Gao and Patrick Price.


How do phagocytes and B cells work together to destroy viruses? Grab a friend and find out in this multiplayer game! Created in collaboration with Stephanie O'Neil and Andy Schmitz.