Knipscher Interactive
Knipscher Interactive
Interactive visualization so good, my name is in the word of it. My name is Liza. Do you see where I'm going with this? Visua-LIZA-tion. My name is in it.


Beet Blox

Beetles! What's, uh, what's their deal?

Everyone is always asking me about the life cycle of various beetles and I'm sick of it, so I made a virtual reality game in which beetle larvae hatch out of eggs, turn into beetle pupae, and become adult beetles. Because stacking things in virtual reality is pretty much the most fun thing ever, the game requires you to stack the beetles into a wall without knocking it over. As I programmed various beetle behaviors such as bumping into bushes, flipping over when they're on their backs, running towards you when you throw food at them, and laying eggs, I realized: these beetles are much, much smarter than I am. I'm serious. People should be hiring them to make virtual reality games, not me.



At one point, without thinking, I programmed every beetle to lay an egg every time it ran into another beetle of the same species. As you might imagine, there was an almost instantaneous egg explosion. This is the computer screen right before it crashed.