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Knipscher Interactive
Interactive visualization so good, my name is in the word of it. My name is Liza. Do you see where I'm going with this? Visua-LIZA-tion. My name is in it.



Teach a little robot how to kill... for health!

Resistance is a computer game developed for a general audience to educate them about antibiotic resistance. In it, you play as a tiny experimental robot tasked with killing bad bacteria and preserving good bacteria. The twist: over time, the bad bacteria become resistant to your antibiotic weapon.

Patrick Price was the programmer, Angela Gao created the user interface, and I was responsible for the art and animation. Using GraphicsGale, I created frame-by-frame animations for the bacteria and microvilli, and I made the wall of background microvilli using AfterEffects. I also animated the robot with Unity's animation tools. Lastly, I made all the sound and music for the game using an online 8-bit music maker.

You can play the game on your computer here! You can also get there by clicking the following button. People really seem to get into buttons.